Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deposits Only

We have all come to a point in life were we have reached the bottom of our own resources, whether in finances, the end of a career path, emotional distress, physical and spiritual sickness, or any number of curses that befall mankind. Sometime we are standing, lying down, huddled in a corner, or even or our knees when the realization hit us that we are in desperate need of assistance: we are at the end of ourselves and have nothing left to give, our strength has been depleted, we are running on empty and our senses tell us that we are in danger. Many people share this unpleasant experience. For some the duration  lasts only a matter of minutes and for others days, years, or even decades. This dark place in our lives is not where we desire to spend our time or energy, but we are helpless to move forward on our own, hopelessly locked in a nightmare of despair. Now just imagine waking up one morning filled with dread, unable to face the events of the day. On autopilot, you have your coffee, get dressed and, as you are heading for the door, the doorbell rings. You say to yourself  "What now! If it is another problem, I'll just die. I cannot take another thing."  You open the door and a person is standing there with a certified letter in his hand.  He ask you your name, confirms your identity and hands you an envelope. You accept the letter and close the door as fear overtakes you. Your hands start to shake and your stomach churns. You look at the letter and debate within your self whether or not you should open the letter now or put it aside for later. After all, it probably only contains more bad news. Several minutes pass and you gather your courage and open the letter that is now in your hand. As you read, the tears pool in your eyes and you begin to cry. You are overwhelmed, your knees are weak and you sink to the floor. Dazed and bewildered you continue to read. The letter is not what you expected,  relief  floods your soul. Open-mouthed you read it again and then clutch the letter close to you chest. You cannot believe someone is aware of your situation and they actually cares about you and loves you. Help has arrived, a deposit has just been made into your life. The news contained in this letter will change the events of your life. Someone has empathized with your pain and has given of himself a gift that meets your immediate needs. Your resources and strength has been restored, there is now a new hope for tomorrow. The little things that you do each day can either be a deposit or debit. Your actions and small acts of kindness can change the day of people around you. Being a positive light to those around you, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, could be a life changer or saver for others. Now, your deposits into others are not the only important thing that changes the balance of a person's days. God made the greatest deposit into the checking account of your life through his son, Jesus Christ. His plan to save your soul has already been added to the account of your life. All that needs to be done is for you to cash the check. Once you accept his plan and gift, your whole life will change. You carry around this golden ticket, a bill that can be used anywhere,anytime,and anyplace. Through the use and telling of the name of the Lord Jesus, lives can be restored and days renewed. So start today ask God to show you today someone who is in need of a little kindness, seek out a way in which  you can deposit hope, strength, or aid into someone else life. You never know it could be just what they need to continue their journey in life.

" Heal the sick, raise the dead to life, heal people who have leprosy,[a] and force out demons. You received without paying, now give without being paid." (CVE)

 Dedicated to my good friend Sue B.