Monday, February 27, 2017


On a single stable point I must rest secure. Still. Balanced all around, no movement up or down not to the left, nor to the right. This is the place where I have been called.  How do I manage, how do I still my soul? when all I have experienced has been turmoil and unrest. The waves of life has tossed me to and fro. Swelled over me almost to the edge of perish. On one I put my trust. I must be still. Inside the raging storm must tame. Shuffling the weight from side to side, too much to bear. How can I come to that point of peace. That still. That place where heart beats beat. where drop of blood ever so slowly fall. eternity before contact employs. On a single point I rest, the point in time that Christ died.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It Is Finished!

It Is Finished!

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I got the final word today.
It was herald through the span of time.
All is well, all is as it should be.
The faintness of the echo increased with tide and tow.
Do not worry.
Do not fret.
Be at peace.

I heard it in my spirit as I was talking to the Lord today.
In all the realms it has come to pass.
What I have spoken  will always last
Have hope
Do trust.
Be Free.
The eternal deal was done.
Given from a heart of one who loved.
To each and everyone.
Witnessed by the three.
God, Man, and angels be.

I got the final word today. 
It is done!
It Is Finished!
Stop your labor!
Stop your toil!
It is not by will or by your might.
I have fixed it says the Lord!
Restored the wrongs back to right.
Called you from darkness into my light.
Reversed the curse and given life.

I got the final word today.
As I heard my Savior say.
Come to me my lovely child.
Come rest, come and sit down.
At the place prepared for you.
A special banquet prepared for two.

I Got the final word today.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The women of the wood

The Women of the Woods

The women of the woods
I saw today.
Were they here, were they shadows, were they spirits of another day.
The spirits of the woods they came, when the sun was out and the tree where bare.
The women of the woods they had something to say.
Could I hear. 
Could I hear, on that snowy day.
There was a light that shined
It was the presence of the Lord.
You see I was praying,  I was praying for those daughters that were yet to be born.
  I was praying for those sister that walked the earth here.
Those mothers and all their silent tears
The women of the woods came out that day.
Could I hear what they had to say.
some were African, some were Indian, some were Asian.
Some were short, some were tall.
All in colorful garments they bowed.
They had something to say.
One by one they appeared.
The women of the woods come out that day.
To see if I could hear.
Hear the cries that they prayed.
Hear their many tears.
The women of the woods came out that day.
As  I walked and as I thought
"Who am I" I said
who am I, to see and hear.
And be given this privilege on this dear day.
 to see these women who have labored and toiled.
That I may stand that I may be,
a woman of the woods.
Who am I, who am I, that I would cry.
Their pain and their sorrow.
Their infinite joy.
Their exposure to the Lord.
And how they flourish the more.
Who am I, who am I.
The women of the woods came out that day.
As I walked and as they played.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The battle in the secret place

The battle in the secret place

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The battle in the secret place is a fierce war.
It rages on day and night. Night and day.
It's casualty one.

The battle in the secret place is often unheard.
The screams of it slaughter clamors in vapors unreleased.

The battle in the secret place is lost or won with a word.
The sharpness of the blade slice and wound the soul held there.

The battle in the secret place is dark and so obscure.
The light must shine for all to see so healing can begin.

The battle in the secret place is won but not by thee.
There is but one who's love can set you free.

The battle in the secret place is now been called to end.
Your enemy defeated as your Savior died for thee.

The battle in the secret place is calm and free at last.
Replace now with a mantra that reached down through time.

"come rest you now of weary soul, lay down and be at ease. 
The love of Jesus reaches you even in that secret place."

Friday, February 10, 2017

Butterfly fly!

Image result for picture of butterfly    Fly Butterfly fly........

Fly butterfly fly. The time is now.
Now is the time to fly butterfly, fly.

In the dark you sat so long.
Time flew by then you were done.

Unknown to some what you would be.
A beauty hidden for all to see.

Your wings now strong.
Take flight soar high.

Feel the air between your wings.
Fly butterfly.
Fly now be free.