Friday, January 16, 2015

Enjoy the ride!

The other day when i was taking my daily walk along my favorite wooded trail i was amazed by the beauty the Lord has lavishes on me. It was a fine morning the air was crisp and cool, nature was gradually awaking. 

Bird song filled my ears as each small creature praised God in it own way. The was sun shining overhead as it's fingers of light penetrated the leafy canopy above, rendering the multiple shades and tones of green visible to my eyes. As the freshness of early morning air filled my nostrils i was reminded that each day is fill with new mercies and many promises.

i walked along the path and ponder my fate.
i talked with my creator,
i tried to hear His voice.
i remembered the goodness of God.
i acknowledge my redeemer.
i spoke with my friend.

The path that i walked along that day was well worn and many others had traveled it's route.
 Packed hard dirt, pitted with holes, fallen tree branches and twigs carelessly resting on it's surface. Rocks scattered here and there. i watched the ground, i did not want to stumble, careful and a little tense i did not want to stumble or fall.

So careful was i.
How did i find myself here.
i do not want to displease my Father. 

Then it happened i looked up and on the trail coming toward me on the opposite side were two bikers. They were not traveling very fast, a comfortable and constant pace..
An elderly man and a elder woman riding tandem. As the distance between us closed and time seemed to slowed down i notice a small wicker basket was attached to the handle bars. i focused in on a tiny furry head of a small dog with it ears upwards and alert, his head resting on the rim of the basket.

i looked at their faces.
What did i see?
i saw their calm and smiling faces.
With their combined effort they managed the bumpy trail.
Their small dog seemed to be enjoying the ride.
As they passed i spoke a greeting.

    Then it happened, that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to me, i heard Him say: 

Did you notice the small dog? 
He hasn't a care in the world,
So secure he is in his master's care.
Content he sit in his small basket.
He is not alarmed by the bumps and rock of the path.
This small dog labors not.

 What lesson Lord must i learn i asked? How does the scene apply to me? My life is a mess. There are troubles all around. i see no hope or way of escape. My rest is gone. So great are they, so small am i. You my child He said that day are that small dog. I carry you in the protection and shelter of my mighty arms. I strive and work on you behalf. It is by my will alone, my strength, my power. Be like that dog.

Enjoy the ride!