Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The doom of the Giants!

The doom of the Giants!

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Giants, giants everywhere, beware beware.
From ancient times they still roam.

Defiant, willful, lawless ones.
Who dare to rise above their station.
Who thought they could change themselves.
They say "we know better, we know best."
Our design will stand the test.

What deception lies in wait.
Do not, do not! open the gate.
People of earth it is not to late.
Choose your side and choose it well.
Stand with the one to whom the gates do not prevail.

Giants, giants everywhere, Beware! Beware!
We have been warned, oh do take care!

They climb and crawl from their dark caves.
Awake now from long time sleep.
Appointed time, a date to keep.
They search and seek that of their own.
Destruction and despair to them they take.

Giants, giant everywhere, BEWARE! BEWARE!
Their end is sure the Bible tells.

The time has come and war is near,
Listen all and do not fear.
The King is coming to set thing right.
Remember it is not your fight.
This enemy of old his doom has come.

Giants, giants nevermore their plan has failed.
This enemy his doom has come, all his nasty work undone.
With host and saints we all will see a most amazing victory.
And on bend knee in one accord we all shout out in humility.

You Lord are true, you are the King,
and as foretold in days long past our Lord our God the victor last.

Giants, giants nevermore. Peace and rest at last restored.

Friday, April 6, 2018



Wisdom is an old woman who has a voice who chooses to speak and apply the truth. She understands intuitively that the truth she speaks comes from a higher source. She has lived to the fullest and has acquired understanding through her lived experience. Wisdom has learned through trial and error. She has paid attention to her actions and her words and the effect they have on the world around her. She has learned the true value of sound thinking and kind actions, that they are priceless when done in a timely manner. She is a master at observing and learning from others’ experiences and through their counsel and instruction. She is a good listener and understands that she does not know it all. She is a positive influence using truth, knowledge, and good judgement. Wisdom guards and protect what is right, what is hers. Yes, wisdom is a woman.

Grandmother Making Faces