Friday, May 30, 2014

We are building an ark

Rising up and coming forth our unique gifts are displayed.
Language, music, drama and all creative expressions come to life.
Coming forth by the Master's hand.
He's speaking all the time and in every way.
Prepare yourselves for that "Great Day".

Will you be the vessel he will us, to build the ark, so none we loose.

Will you be yielded to His move.
Will  you laugh or you you cry.
Will you speak so none may die.

Who will let this the message out.
Who will be faithful to build this ark.

From our hardships it will come.
From death to life it will be birth.

An Ark of words, and songs and praises,
of hope and peace and love.

 For the children not yet born.
 For our future daughters and sons.

An Ark of helps with healing hands
One built on God's eternal and prefect plan.

What creative expression in you will He use.
Life's finest works all on display.
Each beautiful and different in their own way.

God he loves us! yes he does. He wants to unite us with Christ above.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Judgment from the throne of God

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty all!.
God has seen. We cannot hide.
Capable of judgments call.
Sinners that's who we are.
Have you been forgiven and washed by the blood?

In the courtroom how will He find?
Have you been purchased, redeemed by His blood?
Have you divorced yourself from sin?
Did you let the Savior in?
How will God Judge you this very day?

 Will it be come in, or guilty be on your way.
"On your way" you say?
Yes my dear friend, to the most outer rim.
Oh what anguish, Oh, what pain.
So dark, so cold , there is no light.
This place of torment, His presence not.

God did what only he could do.
He gave His life for me and you.

Will you be guilty when Judgment falls?

Monday, May 12, 2014

The River of Life

Revelation 22:1-Then he showed me the river of the living water,sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne room of God and of the Lamb.


 The waters are flowing from the throne of God.
    Powerful and swift.
       Moving rapidly towards the paths of men.
          Roaring and moving.
            Do we surrender or do we resist.
              Can't you here it almost approaching
                Unstoppable flowing, gliding.
            Descending from heaven to earth.
        What must I do as judgment comes.
     God is looking from above.
   Searching and seeking the heart of men.
 Is there one who will be cleansed.
   Come and be submerge my friend.
       We are nearing our journey's end.
           If you resist your doom is sure.
             For you will suffer for your sins.
               Do not struggle, do not fight.
                 Simple do what is right.
Submit to God and you will see.
     The love of God  flows to set you free.

   The water came and touched my feet.
     Up the waters rose.
       Do not struggle, do not fight.