Monday, April 8, 2019

Do I look like Him?

Do I look like Him?

Do I look like Him? Was he black or was he white?
Was he short or was he tall?
How did he talk? How did he walk?
What did he wear? Where did he live?

Do I look like Him? Is it true I was made after his image?

Was he mistreated too?
Was He lie on and betray?
Was He was beaten til his back was torn?
Was He was abuse and hug on a tree?

Yes, He should have been first, but he was last.

Did they discredit his character?
Did they change His name?
Did they try to kill his legacy?

Yes! But, do I Look like Him?

Was He just?
Was He Forgiving?
Was He kind and caring?
Did He care for his family above himself.
Did He obey his father?

Yes, He was known for his love.


I don't know. You tell me.
We all look and act like our parents.
So, do you look like Him?