Monday, March 25, 2019

What's going on?

What's going on?

What's going on in the world today?
This is the question I asked myself.
What's black is now white.
What's wrong is now considered right.
Did I miss something?
Was I asleep?
What's going on? My spirit cries.
My eyes see changes I do not like.
My senses are charged and high.
Should I flee or should I stay.
Where can I go?
Where can I hide?
What's going on I asked myself.
Where is the love.
I only see hate.
What's going on where is our hope?
Through the lies, the pain, my spirit search.
What to believe, where is the truth?
Up is down and down is up.
I must look beyond myself.
With God my friend, so be at rest.
To find the true we must search and seek.
For our eyes decieve us and our hearts grow faint.
But there is a way to set things right.
Put others first and do what's right.

What's going on?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I Cry

girl standing next to plants


I cry today my heart is broken.
The lost is unbelievable. Inconceivable.

There is not one that has not been affected.

The air is foul, polluted and unclean.
Chemtrails, and Geoengineering take the blame.
Man's hands where they don't belong.
The birds once ruled the skies but now they fall and refuse to fly.
On the ground they are found.
Laying, still and cold. Stench of death all around.

Where are the bee's and butterflies can they be found?

I cry today a sea of tears of pain.
For the seas now gives up it's dead.
How much sickness underneath the waves unseen?
Toxic waters all around.  Radiation and pollution creeping around.
The beaches filled with plastics, filth and trash.
You cannot walk, you cannot swim there for it is their grave.
A grave of fish, both large and small, of many life forms that once swam around.
Red now the tide of blood we shed, and we will still experience this mighty dread.

I cry today I see the tide that trouble rides.
Oh how it crashes and breaks apart on the land.
Each shard of energy directed to destroy. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.
According to temperature they take their turn.
What violence is this released to man from sky and sea and of the land.
With angry winds, rain and storm;Tsunami, hurricanes, Tunnels, and funnels.
Her voice in the wind screaming out her pain.
Reject what is evil! Reject the evil or we will die.

I cry today the earth she quakes.
She talks to me "Are you awake? I bend my heart to hear her plea.
And this is what she telling me.

"This stress and strain I cannot bear.
 My crust it breaks from your unrightous acts.
 I must reject what you have done. My source comes from the One.
Separate you us from our Creator's care.
For life was I made. Renewable by the eternal spirit.
Because of your corruption, your greed, your sin, hatred and now death is everywhere.
To extinction you hunt, taunt, cheat, and steal.
My resources plunder, raped and wasted.
Endangered now is all.The large parish and the small.
Human, animal, bird, insect, and plant.
Cut off and poisoned all.

I cry today I do my part,  I repent. I repent.....
It is a start.