Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sister's Supporting Sister's : 2020 A New Vision March23

I thought it would be a great time to develop an idea that is simple and practical, a platform where we can come together and encourage one another as our world is shifting. There is a new normal and for many it is a difficult adjustment. World events are moving so fast and uncertainty  and fear can become our constant companions. But I felt the Spirit of the Living God tell me that we are to use this time at home with our families to examine ourselves and our family relationships. Each family unit is important to our Creator and we are to use this precious time to change things at this level of society.To come into alignment with what Yahweh is doing.So as individuals we will come out of this situation being more like the created being we were designed to be.

I am going to give you word's of encouragement that are based on what Yahweh has already told us. To successfully navigate through the upcoming days we must be filled with the Spirit Of God, connected to the power source that will sustain, keep, and protect us.

I would like for you to take a moment of your time each day and build up yourself, by connecting -you to you, and  - you to others.

We can support one another with true words, holy advice and strong love. Use this platform to encourage one another, Share your success stories, older ladies take the time to come along side of those younger mothers and single women. Share a smile, share yourself and watch Yahweh do a good thing.  

The other day I posted a Facebook Live I will do one once a week or so, look for them. 
Here are the notes from that first post series. 

God bless,

New Vision 2020  Sister's Supporting Sisters

The First lady I used for an example was Eve, We have all heard of her, she is the first recorded woman in the Holy Bible. 

 What I thought was interesting is the fact she is called "the mother of all living".

As women we to share in the responsibility of supporting and being the bearer of life. We birth children and in this we are like God, we bear his image. It doesn't matter what age we are, we as women, have the ability to support or hinder life. Just think about the responsibility you have been given by God. You have the power to change and shape lives. To make or breaks a home or a relationship. You as a woman can shape the lives of those in your presence, with your wisdom and your words. To your husband, your children, and those in your household speak words of hope, joy and peace. Speak life!

  How are you to do this?

-What we learn from Eve is not to listen to the wrong voice the wrong source, bad advice. When we tap into the negative, we become negative. When we participate in doom, gloom, gossip, and harmful communication we become and reproduce those evil things. We as women reproduce that which is given to us, so we must make a conscious effort to make sure we are feeding on good and wholesome thoughts and words.

In the days that we are living in we have access to all sorts of information. Everyone has their own option of what they think is right or wrong. We have been groomed to go with the crowd and to flow with popular thought never really taking the time to think and challenge what we have been told. Never bothering to seek out the words of life written in the Bible for ourselves, and then teach what we learned as truth to our children. God has given us the guideline to live by. Now is the time to ask God the thinks you have wanted to know. To pray and be in direct communication with him. Ask him to speak clearly to you.

I think we can use some of this allotted time to make sure we are corrected to the one who has made us.

-What we learn from Eve  is that we are capable, we have been created to be a divine helpmate. We have been given the ability to handle any challenge and situation set before us with an uplifted attitude. To be victorious through the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Eve was given co-dominion with Adam to shape and govern their world. You have co-dominion as a daughter of Eve, ask the Father what that looks like for you.

Each one of us has been given gifts and abilities, talents and gifting that you have yet to tap into. Take the time to find out what you are good at. Then do it. Find that thing that brings you joy and glorified God.

-We also learn from out sister Eve is that even though we are created for the task we have, and even though we are capable by design, that in order to function in our highest state of design we need to walk and be filled with Yahweh's spirit. The Spirit of God will provide all that we need. He will give us wisdom and peace and the strength to endure to the end. 

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