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Sister's Supporting Sisters: Slave, Wife, Queen: Esther

Slave, Wife, Queen: Esther

We never know how and when Yahweh is going to use us for his divine purposes. What type of vessel is he molding each one of us to be. Will we be vessel of dishonor or will be vessels of honor. We are given many examples through out the text of God's word the one we will be looking at today will encourage you as you go through the many different stages of life.  We do not end up where we start when we are in the flow of Yahweh's plan. The end of the journey may indeed surprise us.

Slave, Wife, Queen: Ester, I came up with this title the other day after reading this remarkable story about this woman named Esther. Now that is not the name she starts with and that is part of her remarkable testimony. Things are not often what they appear to be.  In this historical account will briefly examine a few important principle that will help and encourage us today, tomorrow, and in any future date when we look back and reflect on what we are currently learning.  This blog is just a summary I would encourage you to look up and read the actual words from the Bible, so tat the Holy Spirit may speak directly to your heart and situation.

1.  We will fulfill our purpose no matter what it looks like now.

 There is a book in the Bible call Esther this is where these precepts are taken from. This book open up by explaining to the reader who and what Esther is.  We are told that she is an orphan who is being raised by her loving cousin Mordecai who sits at the King's gate. Her name at this time is Hadassah, which is a direct reflection of her kindred and kind. Hadassah  is a Hebrew captive, referred to as a Jew. This young woman did not know the plans that God had for her, those who observed her as she navigated through daily life never thought that she would be their next queen. She was just another girl but her hidden destiny would save many from a horrible fate. In the Book of Esther we are told that the King is in need of a new wife, so he rounds up the young virgin women in his kingdom to search for suitable candidates.  Hadassah is chosen and taken into the palace for preparation to meet the king. Before she leaves Mordecai tells her not to disclose her ethnicity and faith.

Hadassah now Esther finds favor in the royal residence, everyone who meets her loves her, she has a way about her that people love. She is beautiful, talented and wise.  Her preparation process, of grooming and learning palace protocol lasted about a year. She was sequestered for purified under confinement in the woman's house of the palace and at the end of that time she was presented to the king. As customs Ester and the other candidates where able to choose one complimentary gift from the treasury to bring with them as they went before their potential new husband.  The gift they would choose would speak measure about each young woman's character.
Esther chose to go before the king as herself with only the gift that was given to her by her care taker.

Sometime we as women think that we, in and of ourselves, are not enough. Esther teaches us with the gifts that are given to us of the Holy Spirit are enough to go before the king.

2. The King immediately loves Esther and she is chosen to be his wife. Wow, from slave to royal wife, Esther is cherished, the king values who Esther is, her beauty, wisdom, gifting, and abilities.

Now this part is what amazes me, How much Esther is loved by the king. To get the full detail please read the written account in the Book of Esther.

 Let me continue, a troublesome situation arises in the kingdom where the king is misled by a  man named Haman. He signs an edict that would allow the people of the land to rise up against their neighbors and kill them. On an appointed day  they could lawfully kill the lowest and the oppressed, Yahweh's people the Hebrews, the Jews. Mordecai  hears of this diabolical plan and tells Esther that she must do something for her people and she even as queen would not be able to escape death.That she was placed in her situation to make an impact. She was who she was "for such a time as this!"

She must go before the king. Now here is the problem, you cannot just go before the king with out him requesting your presence. An unannounced visit could result in immediate death. This even applied to the wife of the king. After hearing of the potential extermination of her people,  Hadassah, Esther, Wife: makes a decision to do her part, her tells Mordecai to have their people pray and fast for her, she was going before the king on behalf of her people. She prepares herself. Even for the worst scenario she makes this statement " If I die, I die."
I must take a moment here to encourage all of you reading this, you helpers, you caregivers, all of you who have put others first. You Go! Thank You! You possess the spirit and character of Esther.

3. Walking like a Queen, Esther prepares herself to go before the king, the people of Yahweh have prayed and fasted for three days and now it its time to present herself to the king. She is groomed and dressed inside and out, she is ready. The Bible tells us that she goes to the king and sit in his presence. She waits to be noticed. Not knowing what the kings response would be. When he looks up
and notices his bride, his heart soften and he make this remarkable statement without even hearing Esther's request. He says "What do you want? I will give to you up to half my kingdom." Her responses is one of wisdom. Esther invites the King and Haman to banquet she is to prepare .
This is one of the secret of this testimonial, Esther was the queen in spite of her beginnings and she was highly loved and respected, just because she was who she was suppose to be.

4. Yahweh used the queen to flush out the evil plans of the enemy. The banquet was ready the stage was set the two guest arrived and the feasts was set before them. When their hearts were merry and their appetites satiated, during the feast of wine, the king asked Esther again " What do you want? and he tells her again "Up to half my kingdom I will give you."  At that Esther request that they return the next day for a second banquet. Now Haman leaves the banquet feeling pretty good about himself, but the king that night was troubled. We never know what the Lord is doing behind the scene. Sometime he uses the most peculiar circumstances to use us for work in his kingdom. Esther did not know at the time of her brave action the impact that it would have on her people of that day and for the many generation afterwards. What you do today, may assist in changing the events of tomorrow.

5. Plans of destruction are laid waste, victory is given. In this biblical account we learn that our creator always give us a way out, A way of escape. A way of victory even when we are not always conscious of his plan and his workings. Our queen did what she knew was the correct response to the problem that she and her people where facing.  Her identity, purpose and function all held the solution to positively effect change at the right time in history.  In the text Esther makes a statement that is powerful because this statement acknowledged the moment Esther becomes aware of her divine appointment. The appointed time that she is to do what she was created to do. The time that she is to fulfill her divine function.  She says:Go, gather together all the Jews that are present in Shushan, and fast ye for me, and neither eat nor drink three days, night or day: I also and my maidens will fast likewise; and so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish. Esther 4:16

She is willing to what is necessary risk her life for someone else, this is what makes her:
Slave, Wife and Queen.

I really cannot do the original text justice. Once again I suggest that you that the time to read this wonderful book that is filled with so much wisdom. Wisdom that is needed to navigate and understanding the day and times that we are living in. 

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